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Meet Perri

Thanks for visiting our site! My name is Perri Barra. I founded Like You’re There Pet Care LLC because I know how much your pets mean to you! I have been an avid animal lover my whole life and have had every pet in the book. I currently have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 2 cats, chickens, leopard geckos, a turtle, hermit crabs and an aquarium (we adopt a lot!). I have struggled myself with not wanting to leave them for vacations, being stuck in the office long hours and worrying and hesitating to make plans that might keep me away from home for too long.


Starting this business has been a joy. I have gotten to know even more like-minded animal lovers, of course the animals themselves, and I have found happiness in helping others to feel comfortable while they are away from home. I look forward to hearing from new clients and getting to know you and your pets. I hope the relationship I build as a pet sitter for your family is ongoing so you don’t ever have to worry again!




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